Which browser do you usually use for ZhuangBi-ing?

Before 2014, I always use Internet Explorer to ZhuangBi. Now, I love to use Edge for ZhuangBi-ing.
Steve usually loves to use Safari to ZhuangBi and Larry Page loves to use Chrome to ZhuangBi. So, which browser do you usually use for ZhuangBi-ing?
Remember, the world nowadays needs ZhuangBi to make it funny, so internet browser is a great tool.

逼乎管理员 -

赞同来自: Satya Nadella 苏志燮

These browsers are too young too navie.
I only use tor browser to surfing the internet.
Although it is very slow, there are too few people use it. I think that is the BIGGER.

雷丘进化后 -

赞同来自: Satya Nadella

Still Internet Explorer, it's really zhuangbility if you use it very well.

Kurt Cobain -


Das Chrome ist perfekt.

zgldh -


Lao zi jiu yong HTC, bu fu sala.

逗比 -


da jia hao wo s doubi

Google中国 -


Chrome,of course.