How about NVIDIA's GPU?I will give one of you a GTX1080 GPU

How about NVIDIA's GPU?
Is it useful?And we shuold do to make them more useful?Let's talk about it!
As a gift,I will give one of you who leave a comment a GTX1080 GPU.

江煮习 -

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So NVIDIA fu♂ck you.

魯迅 -

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The salty fish will eventually turn over and even the integrated GPU of Zen will beat your GTX1080 to the dust . --Agricultural Machinery Department

国家税务总局 -

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Totally useless except for bomb. By the way, please take care of you Customs duty.

김정은 -

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북한의 핵무기 필요하다.
楼上都是专家 我等愧而不语

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